Find the Best Baby Nasal Aspirator

No one wants to see his or her baby suffering from blocked nose. And the problem is, the baby does not know how to clean the nose on their own. If your baby goes through similar situation, you can always use a nasal aspirator to clear out the booger from their nose. This post is about the best baby nasal aspirator brands available in the market and their qualities based on some metrics.

Types Of Nasal Aspirator

There are three different types of nasal aspirator available in current market. You should know about all of these before you select your choice of the best baby nasal aspirator.

· Bulb Nasal Aspirator

bulb nasal aspirator

This is the most inexpensive and simple aspirator type. It is nothing but a rubber bulb with a tube. You need to squeeze the bulb to let the air out of it, then put the tube at the tip of the nostrils and let the mucus enter the tube. These aspirators are easily available. But they are difficult to keep it clean and germ-free. It is recommended to use it for a few days and then throw away.

· Oral Suction Nasal Aspirator

Oral Suction Nasal Aspirator

These generally come with a long tube with a tube-like container in one end and an inhaler area at the other side. And you might have already guessed how it functions, you need to suck out the snot from your baby’s nose. Do not just freak out, the booger will not come even nearer to your mouth. That’s why the container is there, to hold the mucus. And the filter system that is attached with the tube will prevent the germ to enter your mouth too.

· Electric Nasal Aspirator

Electric Nasal Aspirator

If you do not want any trouble cleaning your kid’s nose, then you can pick the electric nasal aspirator. Gently place the tip of the aspirator on the baby’s nostril and push the button on. It will do the rest of the job. However, just because it is electric, it doesn’t necessarily be the strongest. The suction power is moderate to low. So it will work best of thin snot than thicker snot.

Now that you know about the three types of baby nasal aspirators, check out these 5 best baby nasal aspirators recommended for your baby.

List of Best Baby Nasal Aspirator

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator

best baby nasal aspirator

The most popular name for the best baby nasal aspirator must be FridaBaby. They have different types of nasal aspirator packages available in the shops. You can try the FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator with 20 Extra Hygiene Filters which is the best seller option on Amazon.

  • Simple functioning oral suction nasal aspirator.
  • Parents need to place the tube against the nostrils of baby and use the suction to draw mucus out of the kid’s nose.
  • Made in Sweden, doctor recommended.
  • The package contains 4 replacement hygiene filters.
  • Additional 20 hygiene filters is included with the pack.
  • BPA and phthalate free product.
  • Designed with disposable filters to prevent bacterial transfer.
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher.
  • More effective than the bulb aspirators available in the market.
  • It is a two-hand task. You need to hold one end against your kid’s nose and the other into your mouth. So, if only you are doing this then there is no one else to keep the baby still.
  • The edge of the container is a little sharp and if you are not careful then it can hurt the skin around the nostrils.

Bubzi Co Premium Baby Nasal Aspirator

Bubzi Co brings a really cute looking nasal aspirator for babies who cannot sneeze clean their nose on their own. The baby-safe features in this aspirator have made it very popular among parents and took a spot in our list of best baby nasal aspirators.

  • The tip of the aspirator is made of hospital grade soft silicone.
  • Free of BPA and any kind of harmful plastic.
  • Place the silicone tip against the kid’s nose and aspirate the mucus in the tube.
  • The mucus stays in the tube, keeping both the kid and the parent safe and sick-free.
  • Easy to use for the first timers.
  • Soft silicone tip helps to fit the nostrils of any size. So, you can start using it very early and continue for a long time.
  • Designed with giving the health of baby as first priority.
  • Easy to clean with water.
  • No replacement required for filters or batteries.
  • Comes with a cute carrying case. So, it is a travel-friendly product.
  • The tube is smaller and it would be difficult to use on a baby with long nose.
  • The case to carry the product is not hard enough.

My Baby ‘N’ Me Premium Nasal Aspirator

best bulb nasal aspirator

For you, there is a bulb nasal aspirator option in our list of best baby nasal aspirators. The nasal aspirator by My Baby ‘N’ Me can be a gentle option for your baby’s delicate nose.

  • Soft silicone tip for suctioning mucus. PVC sky blue bulb.
  • Pump the bulb to release the air inside it. Place it against the nostrils and release the bulb. Press the bulb with mucus sucked out of nose on a paper towel. Anything inside will come out.
  • BPA free and FDA approaved.
  • No need to suck out the mucus using mouth like you would with an oral suction aspirator. That protects the parents from germs.
  • Through the transparent tube you can see if the mucus is out from the nose.
  • The bulb can be detached and cleaned with soap water. You can ensure it germ-free.
  • The cleaning can be a hassle.
  • Less effective than the oral suction aspirators, specially in case of thick booger.

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nasal Aspirator

Electric nasal aspirator can be costly compared to other available options but if you are a hassle-free parent then this is a good option for you. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nasal Aspirator is the fourth option in this list of best baby nasal aspirators.

  • FDA approved aspirator designed with strong motor.
  • Two exchangeable nozzles with different sizes made of soft silicone.
  • Lightweight and compact stress-free design.
  • Place the nozzle against the kid’s nose and push the on button. This is all you have to do.
  • Silicone mucus cup and nozzle are detachable.
  • No need to suck out the mucus from baby’s nose with a risk of getting the same disease.
  • Two different size nozzles cover almost all sizes of noses.
  • Waterproof feature protects the motor from getting ruined by the mucus.
  • Mucus cup and nozzle can be separated and washed with water and soap.
  • Costly compared to other options.
  • Need to replace battery.
  • The applicator is small and tough to locate in a certain angle where the snot is.

BabyBubz Baby Booger Remover

Despite the hassle, oral suction aspirators are popular among parents because of the effective result than other options. BabyBubz booger remover is another oral suction aspirator in our list of best baby nasal aspirator.

  • A container with two long tubes joined with it. At one end the suction tube and at the other end is the tip that goes in the nose. You need to place the tip in the nose and suck at the other end. The mucus will store in the container.
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Hospital grade quality.
  • The container can be put off from the tube for cleaning.
  • Transparent body let you see the whole function.
  • You can control the pressure. Low pressure for thin mucus and high pressure for thick booger.
  • Cleaning is easy. Just take out the container and wash it with soap water. Also, put hot water in the tubes to keep them clean and booger-free.
  • Although the nose piece is made of hard plastic, it cannot hurt your baby. Because it is shaded like a dome with a tube, and because of the dome, you cannot insert it far too much inside the baby’s nose.
  • Comes with only one nozzle size.
  • With two tubes, it is harder to put in place, specially if the kid is screammy and moves a lot.

Bulb, oral suction or electric nasal aspirator – which ever you choose, all are good for your baby when they have a blocked nose. You do not want your baby to cry or keep wake up in the night because they cannot breathe comfortably. This simple tool will help them to have a sound sleep the whole night. You can select your favorite from our list of best baby nasal aspirator to ensure your baby gets comfortable during flu or cold.


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    You missed a great baby nasal aspirator my daughter introduced me to. The BoogieBulb baby nasal aspirator is cleanable and medical grade. Wish they had these when my kids were young. At least now I can use it on my grandson!

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