How to Baby Proof Doors at Your Home?

Little ones are curious. Once they reach the milestone of crawling, they can’t help but to explore the world around them with their newfound freedom. They want to see everything, taste everything, touch everything, and open everything.

Doors are magical to toddlers. They open up new areas to investigate as well as new territories to conquer. When a child sees a door open, they rush over with delight, eager to discover what is hiding behind it.

Children become so intrigued by the concept and function of doors, that they will try to open and close them by themselves. Unfortunately, that’s when fingers get pinched, toes get jammed, and tears start to fall. Your child’s safety is the most important thing. So, if you are looking for how to baby proof doors, here are a few tips and tricks to baby proof your doors at home and keep your child safe.

Tips for How to Baby Proof Doors at Your Home

Picking a Product to Baby Proof Doors That is Best for You and Your Child

When selecting a product to baby proof your doors, consider if it’ll be able to withstand your child’s curiosity, or if your child will be able to destroy it in seconds. Also, you’ll want a product that not only deters your child from fiddling with it, but a product that makes it easy for you to still open and close doors.

Keep in mind: every child is different. What works for one may not work for another. Don’t allow frustration to take over if a certain proofing method doesn’t work for your child. Experiment with different products or solutions, until you find one that works best for both you and your child.

Two Methods for Baby Proofing Doors – Door Open or Door Closed?

There are two main categories when it comes to methods for baby proofing doors: ones that prevent your child from turning door knobs, and ones that prop the door open so that it doesn’t move. The decision is up to you on which method you prefer. Always remember: safety first.

Door Knob CoversDoor Lever LockDoor knob covers and locks are great because they are hard for your child to figure out and also allow parents to open doors with ease. The downside, children might think the cover is another toy to play with, causing them to constantly tinker with it.

Safety-1st Prograde Top of Door Lock

Using a door mount that props the door open while keeping it in place is great for allowing air to circulate from room to room and is sturdy enough to keep fingers from getting pinched. However, having to place and remove the door mount, so that you can open the door, may become tedious.

Other Solutions of Baby Proofing Doors

Door Guards

Pinch Guards – Another option for keeping doors open without the risk of injury are pinch guards. These plastic or foam clips attach to the swinging part of a door so that the door can move freely while not letting fingers or toes get jammed. Pinch guards are ideal for doors that your child is safe to go in and out of, and not for doors that are meant to stay closed.

top door lock

Top of Door Locks – This type of door lock is attached at the top of a door, well out of a child’s reach, and has a latch that slides into place to keep the door from opening. These, however, work only for standard interior doors that do not exceed 1 3/8” thickness.

Safety First                                                                                                                        

There are several different products and brands out there to help baby proof your doors at home, so make sure that:

  • You select the right product/solution for you and your child.
  • The product holds up to the ever-growing curiosity of your child.
  • You always put your child’s safety first above everything else.


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