Rock n Play Sleeper VS Bassinet

While preparing for a baby, one of the most important things to prepare for is a place for baby to sleep. After all, that’s the time babies are considered to grow the most. And a good sleep will not only ensure a happy, chirpy and healthy baby but also a saner and happier you!

With a plethora of options available today, fortunately, modern day parents can rely on these baby products and look forward to longer sleep and brighter days.

To help you out, we have narrowed down your search to the most basic yet popular options – Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet.

Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet

1. Ease of Co-Sleeping

If you talk about the convenience of co-sleeping, Co-sleeping is easier with a bassinet.

Well, if you are one of those parents who feel it be more safe, warm and comfortable co-sleeping, the bassinet is an ideal option. It can be tucked next to the bed. It gives you the closeness of bed-sharing without the risk of SIDS. And guess what, mommy doesn’t even need to worry about getting up for mid-night feedings!

2. Possible Dangers

Your baby’s well being is the utmost criteria while choosing any baby product. When you decide between Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet, you can’t ignore the point of SIDS.

Sleeping in Rock n Play Sleeper for long stretches goes against SIDS prevention guidelines because the surface is not flat and firm. The design of such gears can compromise baby’s airway and restrict breathing. Many of these infant positioners also include fluffy pillows and headrests, which increase the risk of SIDS. Thus it is not a safe option for overnight unobserved infant sleep.

The main reason why many parents buy a bassinet is to co-sleep with their baby; this means sleeping in the same room with them. There are studies that show that this can reduce the chance of SIDS by up to 50%. because the AAP recommends that your newborn should sleep in your room but not in your bed: it’s associated with a lower risk of SIDS.

3. Portability

Well, between Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet, Rock n Play Sleeper definitely wins on this criteria.

Lightweight and portable structure of  Rock n Play Sleeper makes the use in practical life more relevant

A Bassinet, however, is not easy to carry especially while traveling. If you are looking for something to be just picked up and moved around the house or to another floor or while traveling, Bassinet will let you down.

4.  Multi-Purpose Utility

Having a baby in itself is a costly affair. New Parents are always on a look-out for products that are not only durable, long-lasting but also multi-purpose. between Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet, Rock n Play Sleeper has 2-in1 functions making it worth the money spent. Perfect for keeping baby safe and busy to free hands while cooking, cleaning, or doing other mom things. Because it is rocking and with vibrations, you can ensure that your baby won’t easily wake up or cry unlike when you lay him down to his crib or bassinet which is not moving. Also, the product is durable and long lasting so can be used over the years for another baby.

With no inbuilt rocking or vibrating mechanism, a Bassinet will serve the purpose of only sleeping.

5. Space, Size & Bulkiness

This is another important factor that one should have in mind while deciding between Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet.

Rock n Play Sleeper is compact, easy to store as it gets folded and saves space.

In terms of size and space occupied, Bassinet is relatively bulkier and takes more space.

6. Solution to Reflux

This is a somewhat debatable topic when the comparison is done between Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet because medically there’s no opinion for or against either of these gears. However, the semi-reclined position of Rock n Play Sleeper is believed to work great for babies with reflux.

If the baby has reflux, cough, congestion, nasal blockage etc, lying on a flat surface, like Bassinet, would be extremely uncomfortable. You might end up all night trying to soothe a fussy baby!

7.  Comfort

With the bassinets not being too big like a crib and nor too cringy like a Rock n Play Sleeper, the size is apt for a baby to feel snug and comfortable.

In Rock n Play Sleeper, since space is limited, natural body movements of an infant get restricted while being in a gear like Rock n Play when awake. That’s the time when motor, cognitive and sensory development happens in babies and it gets restricted.

8. Effect on Head Shape

Over use of soft infant positioners like Rock n Play Sleeper may contribute to Flat Head Syndrome. The semi-reclined position of Rock n Play allows gravity to pull baby into his position of preference and get nice and comfy there with limited movement. This can cause Torticollis or one-sided neck tightness.

The flat base of Bassinet, on the other hand, ensures an ideal base for baby to sleep on.

9. Practical Utility

Parents especially new ones are very desperate to sleep or even to take some naps during the day thus, they tend to become easily irritable with baby’s tantrums. Amongst Rock n Play Sleeper Vs Bassinet, Rock n Play Sleeper can aid parents to at least soothe and calm their babies and lessen the incidents of them whining, and grumping. It’s an easy go-to option to soothe your fussy bub!

However, transitioning from Rock n Play sleeper to a flat surfaced crib or bassinet becomes a tricky task because it gets tough to again sleep train a 5-6 months old baby.

10. Ease of Use

A new mom recuperating from C-Sec would know how important this benefit is. With a Bassinet, the height and features make it a lot easier to place your baby in a bassinet as opposed to a Rock n Play Sleeper or a crib. Bassinets are usually low enough that you can place the baby in it from a sitting position and high enough that you don’t really need to crouch.

Like most things about Parenting, you will come across several contradictory opinions from different parents on the comparison of Rock n Play Vs Bassinet. That’s because the need and utility are not only decided by your baby’s personality but also your lifestyle.

One of the best things about these baby gears is that they make YOUR life easier. Ultimately your baby wants to be cuddled in your arms every moment!

Recommendation of Rock n Play Sleeper VS Bassinet

Amongst the many Rock n Play sleepers available in market today, we find the Fisher Price Deluxe Newborn Auto Rock N Play Sleeper to be a true wonder of technology with -Automatic rocking speed settings, Built-in white noise, Vibration and the smartphone Connect App.

However, if you are a mom like me who believes in the magic of co-sleeping, you need not look beyond Arm’s Reach Mini Convertible Co-Sleeper. It’s a portable multi-tasking bassinet which is perfect for on-the-go families. This bassinet can be attached securely to the bed. And guess what, it doubles up as a play yard for babies upto 50 pounds.

I would give preference to this bassinet over rock n play sleeper simply because-

  1. It’s safer for a newborn to sleep on a flat surface
  2. It’s attachable to bed and thus very convenient for a new mom
  3. It’s light weight and compact
  4. If the idea is to keep the baby occupied for a while while mommy could finish household chores, there are cheaper alternatives to a Rock n Play sleeper

Here is the post that I listed the best bassinets for newborns! Please check.

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