Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches

What should I be feeding my baby? What is the easiest way to feed my baby? These are questions that every new parent asks. All parents want to make sure that their babies are getting the best food and nutrition possible. They also don’t want to have to break the bank in order to feed them or have it be a massive chore. Luckily there are a lot of new products on the market that make feeding the little ones as easy as possible. One of the things that has come out recently is food pouches that holds baby food once your baby starts solid food, you can use that. These are made to be very portable and easy to use. Most of them are easy enough to use that the baby can feed themselves with it like they do with a bottle. There are a few downsides to the pre-filled baby food pouches that you can buy in the stores. One is that you are not always sure what is in the food that are in them and if it is the best nutrition possible for the baby. The other downsides are that they are a one time use and then dispose, and that they can be rather expensive. Luckily they have now made baby food pouches that are reusable. There are a few different kinds of these reusable pouches on the market so let’s figure out which ones are the best reusable baby food pouches.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Reusable Baby Food Pouches

When it comes to the reusable baby food pouches there are a few things to consider before picking which ones you are going to purchase. The different things to consider are:

  • The location of the spout – These pouches have a spout on them that the baby sucks on to get the food out. The spout can either be on the side or on the top. Why does it matter? The spouts that are on the side are a little more difficult for the babies to use because it requires them to learn to hold it differently than a bottle whereas the spout on the top is just like a bottle to them.
  • The size of the pouch – Depending on how old your baby is and how much they eat each sitting the size of the pouch can be a big factor. A younger baby that eats less needs a smaller pouch whereas a toddler with a bigger appetite needs a bigger pouch.
  • How easy it is to clean – These pouches are designed to be used and reused. So after each use, it has to be cleaned out before it can be filled and used again. For busy parents that have a lot of chores associated with a young child, it matters if it is easy to clean.
  • If it can be frozen – If you are going to use reusable pouches and make your own baby food you are probably going to want to make large batches of food and freeze it until the baby is ready for it. Not all of the pouches can be frozen so if this is what you are planning on doing then you will want to make sure that you are buying pouches that can be frozen.
  • What the pouch is made of – There has been a lot of research done over the past little while about different substances that are found in things like bottles and containers that can eventually make a person sick. The main substances that have been the focus are  BPA, PVC, and phthalates. So if you are going to buy and use these reusable pouches you want to make sure that they don’t have any of these dangerous substances in them.

7 Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches

All of these points are different things to consider when looking at purchasing your own pouches. So now let’s look at the 7 best reusable baby food pouches that are out there on the market.

Quick Comparison: Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Nature’s Little Squeeze Double Zipper Reusable Food Pouch – Amazon’s Choice

This pouch has a spout that is on the top of the pouch which makes it easier for younger babies to use. This pouch can hold up to  5 oz of food which is a pretty good serving for a baby and 7 fl oz will be good for a hungry toddler.  These pouches are dishwasher and freezer safe which are both big pluses for very busy parents. These pouches are also BPV and PVC free which means that it is safe for your little ones to use. Other nice features with this pouch is that there is an area in the back that you can see through to see what flavor of baby food is in the pouch. Also there is a spot where the child’s name can be written in case you have multiple children and you want to keep track of who pouch it is. Easy to fill and easy to clean.  The one downside is that over time and after many uses they do tend to wear out and have to be replaced.

Little Green Pouch Squeezable

This pouch has the spout that is located on the side of the pouch so it might be a little bit trickier for babies to figure out, but most can easily learn how to use it. These pouches can hold 7 oz of food which is really large for the pouches that are on the market. This is really convenient if you have a toddler that is always hungry. This pouch is also dishwasher and freezer safe which means it is easy to clean and use for bigger batches of food. This pouch is also BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.  This pouch has the same down side as the previous one it does wear out over time and use.

Squeasy Snacker Silicone Reusable Food Pouch

This pouch is very different in a few ways. Unlike the previous two pouches this pouch doesn’t wear out over time. This pouch is a lot more like a baby bottle in more ways than one. Not only does it not wear out but it also can hold liquid which the other pouches cannot. It does have a top spout on it but the baby actually has to suck on it like a bottle not just squeeze it to get the food out.  The pouch comes in two different sizes either a 3.5 oz or a 6 oz so you can purchase the size you need depending on the needs of your little one. This pouch is also dishwasher and freezer safe for your convenience. Also this pouch is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Reusable/Disposable Food Pouch by Kiddzo

This pouch has the spout located on the side. It can hold up to 6 oz of food making it a good size for all ages. This pouch is freezer safe. One downside to this pouch is that it is not dishwasher safe and it is recommended that it only be washed and reused about 12 times before disposing of it. It is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. Other helpful features on this pouch are that you can see in the back of it to see what is in it, there are measuring markings on it so you can keep track of how much your little one is eating, and it comes with a spoon attached to it in case your baby wants some help eating.

Reusable Baby Food Pouch by MiniMatters

best reusable baby food pouches

Mini Matters Reusable Baby Food Pouch

This pouch has a spout at the top making it easy for babies to eat out of. It hold up to 6 oz of food making it good for all little ones. This pouch is dishwasher and freezer safe which helps with storage and cleanup. This pouch is also BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Infantino Squeeze Pouches

This pouch has a spout on the top. This pouch only holds 4 oz of food so it really is only good for little ones that don’t have a huge appetite. This pouch is really not designed to be reused over and over. They are freezer safe. They are not safe to put in the dishwasher. The main downside to this pouch is that this pouch can only be filled through the spout with a filling device.  The pouch is see through so you can see exactly what is in it. The pouch is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

Tubbki Reusable Baby Food Pouch

This pouch has a spout on the top. It can hold up to 5 oz of food making it really good for babies or a small snack for toddlers. The pouch is not freezer safe so it is not the best option if you want to do large batches of food at a time. They are dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean up. The pouches come with sticker labels so that you can keep track of what is in each pouch. The pouch is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

Having a baby food pouch that is reusable can be a big deal for parents and their babies. After looking at the most important factors to consider, these pouches were the 7 best reusable baby food pouches found that you can buy.

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