Best Carseat for Small Cars

Let us face it, safety is the most important thing when finding a carseat for your child. But having said that, you cannot ignore “Comfort” as an equally important deciding criteria. Having a gigantic, clunky convertible car seat is really difficult. It takes up so much space in your vehicle that it leaves little room for anything else. Anyone that has children knows that usually, you pack like you are going on a five-day excursion when you are simply going to a neighborhood Mart for buying grocery! So how to find out the Best Carseat for Small Cars?

While there is no dearth of the best of Car Seats with high safety standards, top-class features and accessories being available in the market today, but they may never fit in your little car, making travel a nightmare. However, you should not have to sacrifice your comfort and safety every time you travel. And this is why we have listed the Best Carseat for Small Cars that will help you travel comfortably while confident that your kid is also safe. 

Best Carseat for Small Cars

Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This offering from Graco is truly “4ever” because it’s been designed as a long-lasting car seat to be used throughout the whole growth period from 4 lb. newborns up to 120 lb (10 years of use). The company defines this versatile car seat as the only convertible car that goes from infant car seat to booster seat. In fact, this car seat is both comfortable and convenient, transitioning from a rear-facing car seat to a backless belt-positioning booster. And this is why it makes it amongst our list of Best Carseat for Small Cars.

To keep the child comfortable throughout the whole growing process, the car seat boasts a 6-position recline, while the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System helps you with the proper fit of the seat. Other important features of the 4ever are the InRight LATCH system that makes installation easy and the 10-position headrest.

What we like about it :

  • Has one of the widest weight limits accommodating infants from 4 pounds up to toddlers at 120 pounds
  • Comes with an integrated harness that allows you to put away those annoying straps and belts when you are using the seat in the booster mode
  • Has EPS energy absorbing liner that cushions the baby from any serious injury during a collision
  • Features a no re-thread harness and easy to read level indicator making installation of the seat a breeze
  • Has a unique steel reinforced frame for your peace of mind regarding the child’s safety in the instance of a collision

What we don’t like about it:

  • While quite small in size, it is a bit on the heavier side due to the steel frame
  • Comes in only two colors giving very little choice

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

What we like about it: The Britax Clicktight range of car seats has made a reputation for itself as one of the safest convertible car seats in the US and is rated amongst the best carseat for small cars. It is a small car seat that you can use in both the rear facing and forward facing mode. Given how notorious rear facing car seats are for taking up too much space, the Britax is one of the most compact rear facing car seats given its relatively small footprint, which can be reduced even further with adjustment of its recline

  • Comes with the renowned “safecell” and “clicktight” system for ease of installation and enhanced safety
  • One of the only seats that combine an impact absorbing base and a steel frame for utmost protection of your kid
  • It has more recline options that any other model giving your baby the utmost comfort during the ride
  • 14 different adjust options means that your child can ride this seat in both the rear facing and forward facing modes for a very long time
  • Safe snug harness indicator and the angle recline bubble adjust ensures that you install the car seat in the safest and most comfortable position
  • The seat is a million times more cushioned than any other car seat in this range. Definitely a selling point for Parents like us who travel a lot and are constantly on the go.

What we don’t like about it:

  • Can be a little expensive when compared to other similar car seats
  • Those not familiar with the LATCH system may find the installation quite a pain before getting used to it
  • This seat does not convert to a high back booster, so after the child comes out of a harness seat (around 5 years of age or so), you will have to buy a new seat.
  • The crotch buckle is super short making the straps go across the tops of the child’s thighs making it feel strangled.

Diono Radian All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

Also, what makes it so popular is that you can use it from infancy when the child into a toddler at two years old until the child is approximately 12 years old making its longevity one of the best. Being one of the narrowest convertible car seats, Diono Radian is one of the best carseat for small cars in the 3-in-1 range that you could find in the market. You can fit up to three car seats in the backseat!

What we like about it:

  • For higher safety, it comes with a steel frame, energy absorbing harness, energy absorbent base, and side impact protection
  • Padded Cover: A thickly padded cover, plus the memory foam in the bum area, makes for a comfy seat relieving pressure on muscles of the child
  • Low and narrow footprint means it’s more likely to fit in tight spots. Fitting three car seats in the back of your car, you can travel with the entire family without worrying about safety or comfort
  • It is one of the best lightweight car seats that’s small enough to be folded into the form of a backpack that you can carry around during travel
  • It is FAA approved meaning you can use it for airplane travel
  • 3 Crotch Strap Positions: Having a choice of crotch strap positions makes the harness more comfortable for bigger kids.
  • Low profile makes loading and unloading child easier

What we don’t like about it:

  • Has some of the most unappealing of colors of any car seat in the market
  • You have to install each component of the car seat, and if you are not tech savvy this can be quite a challenge
  • Snug fit of the shoulder belt in booster mode is poor; shoulder belt can get caught leaving slack
  • Harness Adjuster: Its tug-tug-tug can be frustrating for some used to a smooth adjuster in an infant seat.


Regardless of why you need more leg room up front, the reality is that there are so many variables that go into every car seat compatibility scenario that it’s impossible to state which one is the best. The complexity of the situation is amplified by the plethora of options and features available on various convertibles. Still, our comprehensive comparison of the Best Carseat for Small Cars should help parents searching for an extended-use convertible that would keep their rear-facing toddler or older child safe and comfortable without sacrificing the safety and comfort of the driver and/or front seat passenger.

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