Best Anti Colic Bottles 2017

Best Anti Colic Bottles Introduction

The best anti colic bottles are designed to reduce the amount of air a baby swallows when drinking from the baby bottles. Swallowing air is not good for the baby. It creates gas and uncomfortable pressure. Please note that not all babies are sensitive to excess air. However; it’s good to protect your baby from colic. Prevention is better than cure. The good news is that most babies will outgrow it by one year old.

There are symptoms which suggest your baby might be suffering from colic. It is mostly characterized by the baby crying for no obvious reasons. Others signs that suggest your baby might have colic include:

  • The baby’s fist might become clenched
  • If the baby’s eyes roll up or the baby’s face becomes red
  • The baby cries more than normal
  • The baby’s tummy becomes hard

What are Anti Colic Bottles? Why does this matter?

I know many parents have asked what anti-colic bottles are. Before we start our conversation, it is important to note antic colic bottles are known to combat or rather prevent colic or gas. Anti-Colic bottles are feeding bottles which have an anti colic valve. Anti colic valve has been clinically proven to reduce colic/gas in babies.

When the baby uses a normal bottle for feeding, air enters into the bottle through the nipple to replace the milk your baby drink. As a result, the milk gets bubbles. This causes colic and gas.

Anti colic bottles valves, are designed to prevent air entering the milk as the baby feeds. Anti colic bottles are recommended by experts when it comes to fighting colic and gas.

Important Tips When Buying the Best Anti Colic Bottles

There are many best anti colic bottles in the market. This gives a lot of parents stress when choosing the most suitable anti colic bottle for the baby. It is not as hard as many think. Here are some important guidelines which will guide you when shopping:

  • Size – There are different anti colic bottle sizes. Babies feed differently depending on their age. Choose the most suitable bottle size for your baby to feed on.
  • Material – Anti colic bottles are made up of different materials. There are three common materials. Namely; glass, plastic and stainless steel. Choose the material that will suit both your baby and yourself
  • Shape and Design – There are two types of bottles here; straight neck and angle neck. Angle bottles are the best. They can be filled and be free of air
  • Bottle Nipples – Bottle nipples are designed differently. There are those nipples designed for slow, medium and fast flow. Choose a right nipple that best suits your baby. This can be identified depending on the age of your baby.

The above tips will guide you on the best anti colic bottle to purchase. There are also many different brands in the markets.

Top 3 Best Anti Colic Bottles

The best anti colic bottles in the market vary in terms of features, price and quality. These brands compete against each other. The following are among the best anti colic bottles available in the market:

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles
Tommee Tippee Ultra Bottles
Philips Avent Classic Baby Bottles

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle

best anti colic bottles

Dr Brown’s natural flow bottle is famously known for preventing colic in babies. Colic is caused by air entering the bottle as the baby feeds. Air enters the bottle to replace milk which the baby drinks.

Dr Brown’s natural flow bottle has an internal vent system that fights colic. The internal vent system is designed to eliminate air bubbles, vacuum and pressure associated with bottle feeding. This internal vent system prevents air from mixing up with milk. This reduces oxidation. This prevents air from filling in the vacuum created as the baby feeds thus preventing colic.

Pros about Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle

  • It is easy to wash
  • It has butterfly shaped shields that curve away from the baby’s face. This gives the baby comfort
  • It is lightweight


  • It’s expensive price makes it difficult for many to afford

Tommee Tippee Ultra Bottles

This is the most famous anti colic bottle in the UK. It is among the best anti colic bottles available in the market. The teats of this bottle are designed by breastfeeding experts. They made bottle feeding to look as close as breast feeding.

Tommee Tippee bottle prevents colic in two ways. It has a unique tube and a valve system. When the baby is feeding using this anti colic bottle, air vents down through the unique tube into the bottom of the bottle. It completely bypasses the milk. As a result, the baby does not come in contact with air as he/she is feeding. This prevents colic.

Colic is mostly caused when the air enters the milk and the baby consumes this milk. As we have seen above, this anti colic bottle is designed to prevent colic.


  • It is easy to clean the bottle
  • It is cheaper when compared to most anti colic bottles
  • It is designed in a manner it makes it easy for both babies and parents to use


  • It is very difficult to come up with the disadvantages of this product. The product being plastic doesn’t mean anything. It has helped prevent colic for many years.

How to use the Tommee Tippee Ultra Bottle

Philips Avent Classic Bottles

This anti colic bottle is dominating in the UK.It is a product of the famous Philips brand. It is designed in a way that air flows in the bottle. This is what prevents colic in babies. It has a waisted back which makes it easy to hold and fill. This makes it easy for use by both parents and the baby.

Philips avent classic bottle has an inbuilt venting system which prevents colic. This anti colic bottle also has a valve which helps prevent spit-ups and air from entering into the milk. The valve is responsible for controlling the amount of air circulating in the bottle as the baby feeds. The valve prevents air from entering the bottle as the baby is feeding. Without this valve, air will enter the bottle to replace the milk the baby drinks. This is the feature which prevents colic in babies. Colic is caused when the baby drinks milk which has air.

The Philips avent classic bottles are easy to use, wash and assemble back. This is one of the reasons why this product is among the best anti colic bottles. In addition to all this, Philips bottle offers different flow rates to cope up with your baby’s growth.

This product is designed to prevent any spills while feeding. The following characteristics make this bottle stand out:

  • It is compatible with other Avent products
  • Its wide shape makes it flexible and easier to use
  • I has a wide range of nipples to choose from


  • It is very affordable compared to other similar best anti colic bottles.
  • The wide neck is suitable for cleaning
  • Its nipples have in built air vents


  • It is made of plastic. This turns off some parents who don’t love plastics.


There are many types of best anti colic bottles. Each anti colic bottle has certain characteristics which makes it stand out from others. I would kindly advise you not to judge anti colic bottles based on price. There are many products which are cheap but of quality. Not all expensive products are of quality.

Please prevent your baby from contracting colic. Please choose a product will serve your desires. This might be in terms of durability and size. Please note that the best anti colic bottles serve the same purpose. That is keeping your baby safe from colic. Don’t forget to sterilize the baby bottles after each use.

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